Having trouble figuring out exactly what and how much of it you need to finish your project. Well we have 5 simple steps which will teach you how to estimate the quanity of drywall you require.

  1. First you will be required to measure the lenths of your walls from one end to the next. Measure from one corner to the next, using the corners will elimate any errors that may come from slanting during measurement.
  2. Next measure the height, once again you should go from corner to corner to avoid errors. Remember to include all openings such as vents, doors, windows...
  3. To get the square foot required you must multiply the height by length.
  4. Next you must do the same for your ceiling. Measure the length by the width and you will have the square footage for the ceiling as well.
  5. The next step is simple. Add up the square feet of the cieling and the wall then divide that number by the square footage of a sheet of drywall.

Not all Drywall comes in the same size. There are different types which come in different sizes. Please use the following chart to view the different sizes and square footage.

Drywall Size Square Footage
4 x 8 32
4 x 9 36
4 x 10 40
4 x 12 48

Understanding the amount of drywall you require is not the only task when completing a project. Certain types of drywall are used for specific applications or are of a better quality than others, while some drywall is required by law. Please check your local building code before undertaking any project. These laws are there for safety especially in the case of a fire and the safety of the people inside.

Below is a table which will provide you with information regarding the different types of drywalls to be used for different applications. Please note that there is a possibility that your local building code may require you to use a different type so view your local cities building code information prior to undertaking any project.

* SF = Square Footage

Application Type Size SF
Ceilings Ceiling Drywall 4 x 12 48
Bathrooms & High Moisture Areas Moisture Resistant Drywall 4 x 8 32
Tile Backer Denshield 4 x 5 20
4 x 8 32
Curved Walls Flex Drywall 4 x 8 32
Sound Performance Sound Resistant 4 x 8 32
Mold Resistant Dens Armour Plus 4 x 8 32
High Traffic Areas Impact Resistant 4 x 8 32
FireResistant 5/8" Fire Rated Drywall 4 x 8 32
4 x 9 36
4 x 10 40
4 x 12 48
1/2" Fire Rated Drywall 4 x 8 32

Almost there. Now that you understand the amount and the type of drywall you need, you will need nails, screws, tape and other small but essential items. To calculate how much of these you may need simply CLICK HERE to use our Calculator.

To estimate the quanity of paper bead that you will need you simply need to measure the height from the floor to your ceiling and sum up the outside corners. If you were to say have a 10' ceiling and a sum of 4 for the outside forners then you would require 4 10' of paper bead.

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